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Title [September 17, 2018] The NSSC Approved Resumption of Hanul Unit 4
Writer JL     Hit 335
The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (Chairperson Kang Jungmin, hereinafter referred to as the NSSC) approved resumption of Hanul Unit 4 on September 17th as it confirmed the appropriateness of the cause identification and response measures. The Unit was manually stopped and went into maintenance as one of the post-criticality tests* associated with main water supply system test was not completed.
* The test was not completed because the flow condition was not fully formed in one of the two main water supply pumps driven by the turbine. (Refer to the press release dated August 30, 2018 and titled 'The NSSC to Inspect Hanul Unit 4 After Manual Shutdown Due to Incomplete Post-Criticality Test.')
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